fight till we can't fight


Remember leeyum, dj Malik, boobear, hazza and nialler

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happy four years of one direction!

I Gotta Feeling
Zayn Malik


Robbers Live in Rochester, NY - March, 2013

I’d never seen this video before and now it’s quite possibly one of my favorites. The audio might not be amazing but you can hear George’s back up vocals and Matty just looks like… Matty. He looks like he does when he performs. Utterly and completely lost to the music.

Not my video. Credit to the owner.


the day your life went down hill


remember when:

  • harry was the ”cat” lover
  • zayn was obssesed with mirrors and his hair
  • louis was known as the one in red pants and stripes
  • liam had a phobia of spoons
  • and niall was the one who just wanted to eat

sterotypes about 2k11-2k12 One Direction